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Do you want useful and concise information on measuring pH?

Get Lazar's pH expertise for FREE with The pH Primer

Includes everything you need to know about pH measurement techniques from cleaning, storing and calibrating to troubleshooting. Also includes a quick applications guide to let you know which type of pH electrode is best for your particular application.

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Do you want the latest and finest in pH Technology?

You need Lazar's highest quality pH equipment

Smaller is better with Lazar's
Micro pH Electrodes

A micro combination pH electrode has been introduced by Lazar Laboratories that will measure samples as small as 10 microliters (about 1/4 the size of an average drop) in biological media such as cell culture, NMR tubes, gels, and biohazardous media.

The PHR-146 micro pH electrode fills the need for an accurate yet unbreakable pH electrode for routine analysis...

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When mistakes are NOT an option - Lazar's Laboratory pH Electrodes

  • Flat Bulb Combination pH Electrode
  • Rugged Combination pH Electrode
  • Puncture Tip Combination pH Electrode
  • All Glass Soil pH Electrode
  • Semi Micro Combination pH Electrode
  • Low Resistance pH Electrode
  • Double junction combination pH Electrode
  • Rapid Renew Reference Junction pH Electrode
  • Extra long and thin Comb. pH Electrode
  • ORP Redox Combination Electrode

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Your special process deserves Lazar's special process pH Electrodes

  • Totally Nonglass pH Electrodes for Flouride Solutions
  • Inline pH/ORP Electrodes for Installation in a pipe tee
  • Submersible Electrodes

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Measure with confidence with Lazar's pH Meters and Accessories

  • Combined Digital pH/Temp/mV Meter
  • Portable Digital pH Meter
  • Portable Digiral pH/ORP Meters
  • Dual Display- Conductivity/pH Meter
  • Isolated 2-Wire pH/ORP Transmitter
  • Combination Controller pH/ORP
  • Microprocessor pH/mV/temp Meter
  • pH/mV/Direct Reading ION Concentration Meter
  • pH/mV Data Logger

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